Local History

Local favorite since the 1940s

Welcome to Plainfield’s oldest bar where time-worn walls should be enough to make your trip worthwhile. A downtown destination of choice for many generations of local family and friends.

Located in downtown Plainfield’s historic district, Uptown was origianlly two separate buildings. The original building was built in 1865 and was one of the few buildings that survived the 1898 Plainfield fire. The building housed a bakery, then it was home to Plainfield Liquors from 1948-1983.

In the 1900s, the building next door belonged to the Selfridge meat Market and later it was home to Kuehmann Potato Chips. In the 1970s the building was home to mayor Rock’s Carry-out Snack bar. In the mid 1980s both buildings were combined to create the current Uptown.

The Owners

Always owned and loved by locals

Uptown is part of the DC Hospitality Group, a team of local Plainfield residents and restaurateurs comprised of Dean Kollintzas & Christina Kollintzas-Pavlis.